About Us

Unity is the Ultimate Devotion

In a world that thrives on individuals standing out and being unique, we encourage connection, friendliness and service to others. Together, we can achieve more.

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Our Story

In 1974, our Divine Master Kakaji Maharaj established Yogi Divine Society in Mumbai and focused on spreading the teaching of Brahmaswaroop Param Pujya Yogiji Maharaja and the principles of the Akshar Purushottam philosophy. In 1983, Kakaji established Yogi Divine Society in the United States with Dinkar Uncle as President. Along with Mahendra Bapu, Dinkar Uncle continued the traditions of Friday Sabha, weekly mahapoojas, scriptural readings, spiritual retreats, and family counseling.

Today, with centers all over the world, we continue to practice Kakaji's teachings of unity and harmony, relying on our Guru to show us the path. 

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