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BSPP Bharatbhai


Bharatbhai is a leading dedicated sadhak brother in Powai temple in Mumbai. When he first met Kakaji, he felt that he belonged to Kakaji and Kakaji belonged to him. Bharatbhai used to attend the sabhas in Kandivali that were held by Mahendra Bapu.

He was a bright student. He was sincere and meticulous and exhibited great patience in the work that he did. Under Bapu's guidance, he started coming to Tardev and attended prayers and shibirs. Due to his good handwriting, Kakaji used to assign him the special service of writing articles based on Kakaji's dictation. In performing this service, he became very close to Kakaji and within four years of meeting Kakaji, he decided to live as a sadhak at Tardev temple. Due to his patient style and service, he pleased Kantikaka and other elders of the satsanga too. He took great interest in the problems of fellow devotees and in this way, earned the grace of Kakaji. Kakaji blessed him as a saint beyond mind. Kakaji even said that one of the happiest days of his life was Bharatbhai's birthday.

After Kakaji passed away, Bharatbhai took care of the social and spiritual progress of the devotees at Tardev. Today, Bharatbhai is an inspiration to sadhaks and devotees around the world. His focus on prayer and spiritual discourses transforms the lives of everyone that comes into his contact.

We seek Bharatbhai's blessings to always keep a smile on our lips and in our hearts.

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