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Kakaji Maharaj


Kakaji was a very bright, intelligent, bold, mischievous, and dynamic boy, always aiming to reach the top and do something very different. He believed in taking calculated risks and could go to any extent to fulfil his dreams and ambitions. At the tender age of 7, he and his elder brother, Babubhai, had strongly wished to bring the supremely blissful abode of Heaven on Earth and bring Joy and peace to all their near and dear ones.


Right from his early childhood he had tremendous love, affection, and unity with his elder brother Babubhai (Pappaji). He was bright in studies and successfully completed his academic pursuit, supported by the selfless help of Babubhai. At age 11, he went to his guru Shastriji Maharaj and expressed his wish to “die” (meaning to become ego-less) to secure divine bliss.


As a young man, he was very self-respecting and independent.  He had strong faith in Lord Swaminarayan and his Guru Shastriji Maharaj. After his studies, he had planned to go to the UK and work, but Shastriji Maharaj prevailed upon him to stay in India and open his own business. As per Shastriji Maharaj’s wish, he stayed in Mumbai and developed a close bond with Sonaba and her family. Kantibhai, Sonaba’s son, and Kakaji soon became business partners. Together, they donated huge sums to Shastriji Maharaj even when they were in difficult circumstances.  Their earnestness earned Shastriji Maharaj’s utmost happiness upon them, culminating in the chandan charcha prasang on 6th April 1950 in Mumbai.  On this divine occasion, Shastriji Maharaj showered blessings upon Kakaji and Kantibhai, and allowed them to show their affection by bathing him in sandalwood paste.


Shastriji Maharaj urged Kakaji to accept Yogiji Maharaj as his spiritual successor. Upon Yogiji Maharaj’s instructions, Kakaji campaigned for Gulzarilal Nanda to successfully contest his parliamentary election from North Gujarat in 1952.  It was a difficult effort, and the success of the campaign pleased Yogiji Maharaj so much that Yogi Bapa graced Kakaji with the sakshatkar (embodiment) of Lord Swaminarayan at Gondal on 3rd February 1952.

For 72 hours, i.e, three full days, Kakaji remained in the state of samadhi (a complete and intense spiritual experience in which one’s soul becomes completely absorbed with the Supreme Divinity). While Kakaji’s physical body remained still, his soul travelled to various lokas (spiritual realms), and he saw Yogiji Maharaj resting at the lotus feet of Lord Swaminarayan in Akshardham.


Upon the completion of samadhi, Kakaji openly told all the devotees of the entire satsang group that Yogiji Maharaj was in fact in total unity with Lord Swaminarayan. This surprised many devotees and opened the eyes of the entire satsang fraternity, as they had always looked upon Yogiji Maharaj as an ordinary sadhu.


Following this, Kakaji acquired immense spiritual powers and enjoyed the continual supreme bliss of Akshardham. Yet, Kakaji remained his humblest of the humble servant. After this supreme spiritual realization, Kakaji relinquished all his worldly troubles and totally devoted himself to Yogiji Maharaj for the multidimensional development of satsang activities. Kakaji wished to share his divine happiness with everyone he came across. He was chiefly instrumental in establishing Yuvak Mandals (youth groups) in India and Africa as per the wish of Yogiji Maharaj. He inspired many youths to renounce the world and take initiation as per Yogiji Maharaj's wish. In 1963, Yogiji Maharaj asked Kakaji to guide Jashbhai Saheb and other youths in their spiritual quest. In 1967, he and Pappaji gave them the vrat (vow) of karmayogi sadhak (dedicated truth-seekers with regular jobs) as envisaged by Yogiji Maharaj. He inspired many yuvaks and yuvatis to lead a celibate and pious life by establishing the Gunatit Samaj with the active involvement of Pappaji, Sonaba, Swamiji, Saheb and other dedicated devotees. He was the pioneer of the four paths in the Gunatit Samaj (initiated saints, initiated sisters, vratdhari brothers & dedicated householders).


Through his letters, articles, books and lectures, he revealed the true significance of spirituality, the importance of faith and the shelter of a God-realized saint in one’s life. In 1966, he, his brother Pappaji, and the saints and devotees attached to their group had to branch out for supporting and facilitating ladies’ spiritual emancipation, as per the wish and blessings of Yogiji Maharaj in 1952. Although physically away from Bapa, they held the highest respect and devotion for him, and continued their worship as per the principles propagated by Yogiji Maharaj.


In 1968, he continued to fulfill Yogiji Maharaj’s wishes by building a temple in Delhi and accordingly prevailed upon Mukundjivan Swami to do so. He made many trips to Delhi to support Mukundjivan Swami and this new temple.


Similarly, in 1973 Kakaji travelled to the UK and then to the USA to continue spreading the philosophy of Lord Swaminarayan. It was during this tour that he met Dinkarbhai and recognized his spiritual potential.  Kakaji entrusted Dinkarbhai with the responsibility of the USA satsang.


Soon after, Kakaji started developing the Powai center and asked the saint brothers of Tardeo to develop an International Spiritual Research Center (ISRC) at Powai. P. Kantikaka, P. Rameshbhai Soni, P.B. Nagardasbhai Kothari, P.B. Shantibhai Sheth and other devotees made great efforts to develop Powai center. Today a very majestic and vibrant "Akshardham" Swaminarayan Temple is inspiring hundreds of devotees under the able leadership of P. Bharatbhai, P. Vashibhai, P. Rajubhai Thakkar and other saint brothers, saint sisters and devotees. From 1980 onwards, an exclusive center for saint sisters was established at Prashant Apt. near the Powai center by Kakaji under the leadership of P. Yoginiben.  Today, P. Madhuriben and other saint sisters are actively associated with many spiritual and socially beneficial activities of ISRC at Powai.


Kakaji was chiefly instrumental for initiating and spreading the divine message of Lord Swaminarayan as per the wish and blessings of Yogiji Maharaj in Africa, UK, USA, Canada, Italy and France. He travelled all over the world and established a society of dedicated householders leading spiritually inspiring life. Realizing his great spiritual height, Yogiji Maharaj had proclaimed his residence at Tardeo to be the Akshardhamrupi Takhat (Altar of Akshardham).

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