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BSPP Vashibhai


Vashibhai is a beloved saint brother of Powai temple in Mumbai. In a short time after meeting Kakaji, he dedicated his life to
Kakaji's service. While living in Tardeo temple, he became a Chartered Accountant. Kakaji and Kantikaka would entrust
Vashibhai with various responsibilities and Vashibhai would enthusiastically take care of everything. After Kakaji passed
away, he personally started taking care of many devotees who had a relationship with Kakaji. While living in Tardeo, at Kakaji's
command, he started performing Mahapooja every morning. That tradition continues to this day. When Vashibhai performs
mahapooja, he becomes so engrossed that everyone attending feels the presence of God, and his prayers are always answered.


Vashibhai is professionally engaged as Financial Director of a multinational corporation. Despite holding such a formidable
post, his humility, friendliness, child-like innocence and enthusiasm are unique. He has been chiefly instrumental in
shouldering the financial responsibilities of Yogi Divine Society, Powai for last more than three decades particularly after the
Swadhagaman of Kakaji Maharaj. He works tirelessly for the spiritual and social welfare of all the devotees. His progressive
ideas and outlook constantly inspire Youths to move forward and remain in-step with the latest development and technology for
their positive application in life. For last many years he conducts the monthly Bhajan Sandhya at Akshardham Temple, Powai and
makes them lively with innovative ideas, interesting topics, with the help of audio-video presentations. By his loving and caring
nature he has become the beloved friend philosopher and guide of many devotees whom he has been helping and guiding in
many ways to build their careers and professional life.

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