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Anaadi Mahamukta Gopalanand Swami


Gopalanand Swami possessed immense spiritual powers right from his early childhood. He would have the darshan of Lord Krishna and they would play together. As a young householder, he exhibited his powers against the injustice and hardships caused by selfish rulers. Although he had mastered Ashtangyoga and possessed deep knowledge of scriptures, he always remained humblest of the humble. He always exhibited supreme tolerance, faith and patience to obey the commands of Lord Swaminarayan in spite of having a delicate body and many physical hardships. He was made the head of the sect by Lord Swaminarayan and he took great care of all the devotees after Swadhamgaman of Lord Swaminarayan. He had highest respect for Gunatitananadswami and as per Lord
Swaminarayan’s instructions always visited him at Junagadh to take benefit of his discourses. He revealed Gunatitanandswami’s
glory as Aksharbrahma to all his disciples and advised them to take his shelter after his death. He introduced the unique
technique of Mahapooja for the overall welfare of all the devotees which is still prevalent and popular in the Swaminarayan sect.

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