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Our tribute for HD Dinkar Uncle's 80th birthday:


"Din" means “day” and "kar" means “to do.”
For HD Dinkar Uncle's 80th year of life,
from Diwali 2023 to Sharad Poornima 2024,
we will attempt to do our days like him. 

HD Dinkar Uncle lives a very elevated and disciplined lifestyle. Project Daymaker (PDM) will identify HD Dinkar Uncle's day-to-day life into components that we can all incorporate into our daily routine. By studying and practicing his everyday actions, we can truly benefit and grow tremendously.

How will we do this? 
There are 4 annual goals (journeys), and a monthly goal (chapter).

November's Monthly Goal

HD Dinkar Uncle does darshan of every moorti + says Jaya SwamiNarayan to everyone at the beginning of his day. HD Dinkar Uncle believes in seeing God in all and all in God.


We are asking everyone to darshan of every moorti in their house + saying Jaya SwamiNarayan to everyone in their house everyday


Videos of HD Dinkar Uncle Moorti Darshan: 

Connection, Community, Consistency

This Project is moving on a weekly basis

To stay connected during your weekly sabhas and amongst one another, we ask devotees to speak on their experiences while doing PDM

To stay consistent we hope people will volunteer or be randomly asked to speak on their experiences. We would like a variety of different devotees so always be prepared to share 

To stay as a community hearing others experiences will also be a motivation and give one another strength knowing we are all in this together

Join the Project

Be a part of the global collective to become Brahmaroop in this very lifetime!

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